Monday, December 20, 2010

Featured green vendor of the week....

I had the pleaseure of having tea with Jill, the owner of a beautiful antique shop in Danville the other day. Her shop, Sweet Magnolia is filled with the most amazing and well thought out selections of European home furnishings and decor mostly from the last two and a half centureies. While browsing through the store, I learned that she and her husband restore most of the items themselves! Re-wiring unique light fixtures, sanding and re-finishing the furnishings, and even doing some of the upholstry. There are so many delightful surprises that I would say that one should take a trip to this shop and see for themselves. I especially liked the custom artwork that was made from found objects and re-purposed into one of a kind pieces.
As her business has grown over the past six years, so has her selection of green products. Of course, antiquies by nature are green as they are re-purposed, re-vived and re-used items. But what I mean is the little accessories like candles and such. She also carries a line of furniture that promises to plant a tree for every item of furniture you buy from them-what a grand idea!
So, go check her shop out and tell her I said hello
Sweet Magnolia
404 Hartz Ave
Danville, CA 94526
925.855.9845 Jill Cox
Here are some photos to inspire a visit:

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