Saturday, February 26, 2011

A locally made, eco-friendly tile shop

I recently read an article about a local tile shop that is really on top it when it comes to producing product that is eco-friendly. The company is called Fire Clay Tiles and they are based in San Jose. You can find their product at places like EcoHome Improvement in Berkeley. What I found so unique about them is that they look at their production of tiles from beginning to end. So not only do they make their tiles from post consumer materials (their ceramic tiles are made from old toilets dug out of the local dumps!) But they are also looking at the whole manufacturing process. They have a day lit factory, meaning they do not run lights but rather have sky lights and use the natural light of the sun. They have a closed loop manufacturing system that means all scraps, grey water, waste etc. gets re-used so they are not creating anything that needs to be trashed. They were one of the first tile companies to remove lead from their glazes. Oh, and their tiles are BEAUTIFUL!! Take a look at their product and what they are about at
I will be using them on my next project, for sure!

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