Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clothing made from recycled thrift store finds and work room scraps-you won't believe how amazing this stuff looks!

 Patti Popovich, owner of S and Patti Designs, saw a sweater in a high end catalog one day and thought that instead of paying $300, she would try and make it herself! Seven years and dozens of successful craft fairs later, Patti's "reconstructed textiles" are causing a stir. She has grown her business to include women's clothing, children's clothing, pillows, stuffed toys-her famous one eared dog is a top favorite-hand made button and trims, and a lovely Blue Angel that is meant to sleep with anyone who needs some comfort in life. To really appreciate her work, you have to see it in person, but I will include a few photos here just so you can see how amazing the product is. Her products are made from 99% recycled fabrics that she gets either from the thrift store or from scraps that upholstery workrooms have laying around ready for the dumpster.
The price range of her one of a kind women's sweater are from $69 up to $200, a steal when you consider that they are hand made and each one is unique.
And it gets even better; Patti's long term vision is to use this skill to teach youths at the Conservation Core how to create their own clothing that they can then begin their own businesses with.
You can contact Patti at to find out about her next show.
                              Children's sweater made from recycled sweater and old pajamas from France
                                                            Hand made button detail
                                                        Patti at one of her craft shows
                                                                       Craft show
                                                                    Blue Angel

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