Friday, January 21, 2011

Featured green vendor of the week....

A few weeks ago a friend in the design industry introduced me to a company by the name of CompoClay, a new green business in Alameda. I visited their retail store on Santa Clara and was delighted by their beautiful home accessories. Curious about what made them green and what CompoClay was all about, I found myself back at their store a week later with an appointment to meet with two of the owners,Andy Choi and Young Lee. This place is so much more than meets the eye. It is not only a retail shop for home accents, it is essentially a MOVEMENT of change and education in the green design industry!  Take their mission statement:

"CompoClay will introduce to the market the excellence and distinction of its ecological raw material, CompoClay, perpetuating the value of environmental responsibility, starting from our way of life, to the choices we make as consumers. By offering superior products, viable green alternatives, and the educational support, CompoClay will enrich the quality of life and our planet for a sustainable future."

Did you get all of that? A lot to take on for one small home accents company.....turns out, they are really a lot more than that! CompoClay has done years of research and testing on an entirely new process for creating chemical free product that can duplicate the look of almost ANY natural substance; stone, cement, tile, wood, engineered wood, the list is endless and growing as they work tirelessly to improve, expand and explore. All of this is coupled with a passionate desire to educate both the designer and consumer about the impact chemicals can have on both the environment and our health.
Because CompoClay owns both the process of making and the actual product, they are able to have total control over maintaining a truly green product from conception to point of sale. How the workers are treated and what they are exposed to is also considered part of the greenness of their product.
I can only say, a visit to their store in Alameda and their soon to open 4,000 square foot showroom in SF will convert you to this amazing new product. I look forward to being educated by their knowledgeable staff and using their product on future jobs.
2536 Santa Clara Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
A few photos for you to enjoy;

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