Tuesday, January 25, 2011

spring is in the air

All this warm weather has got me ready for summer...seems like I always forget that we get this little streak of warmth every January and then the rains come back. But for now, I am thinking about my garden and what I want to plant, try out, EAT come the REAL summer months. I have been reading a lot about heirloom seeds and how important they are to our planet. Did you know that most commercial seeds in the US are patented and have been bred down to about two or three "types" per plant? Why does that matter? If a disease hits and we only have a few varieties of one tomato, for example, than the entire population of tomatoes can be wiped out in one year! That means...no more tomatoes...EVER!! I know that sounds like some sci-fi story, but it is really becoming a major issue, enough of one that organizations like the World Health Organization are starting to study it's affects on food supply and health around the globe. So, many small farmers, organic seed companies and magazines like Sunset and Mother Earth Journal are encouraging us to grow heirloom seeds in our backyard gardens to encourage variety and thus security of the survival of specific plants. So, check back in as I explore some interesting and new to me vegetables this spring and summer. I look forward to hearing what you plant to grow as well.

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